Hero Story (iOS) released

In a world where evil lurks, who will save the citizens from impending danger? Protect the Main City from total chaos and destruction! Summon the world’s greatest superheroes and team up to defeat the supervillains in Hero Story! This action-packed game is an ultimate challenge of strategic gaming and time management. Join Hero Story and save humanity!

Hero Story has 9 action-packed scenes. Choose from a roster of upgradeable original superheroes:

Captain Super Harry: The leader of the superheroes and an overall tough guy, Captain Super Harry is an all-American crusader fighting against the forces of evil.

Turbo Tank: Turbo Tank is the super-strong French juggernaut with an equally huge appetite.

Cordelia Costa: She’s branded as the Argentinian electromagnetic enchantress, beautiful but deadly.

Updraft: Master of the Wind element, This Japanese kite surfer can command (and move as swift as) the wind.

Freezabelle: A Russian world champion, Freezabelle possesses the power of frost. Anything she touches turns frozen solid.

Megafire Kid: With his fiery hot superpowers that burn like the hottest Indian chili peppers, Megafire Kid can deal scorching damage to his enemies.

Colonel Bang: Hailed as one of Earth’s mightiest champions, Colonel Bang uses his radioactive powers to fight evil. But he’s not ready to quit his day job – as a well-respected City Mayor.

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) 

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